…working with healthcare, academic and nonprofit professionals to define and align purpose, passion and well-being

Benefits of Professional Coaching

•    Re-engage with purpose: the reasons you chose your career path
•    Cultivate resilience: develop and utilize resources to meet demands
•    Define and find ideal work-life integration: capturing time and energy for physical activity, leisure,   
     and key relationships and interests
•    Gain greater self-awareness, clarity and focus
•    Improve your sense of well-being
•    Hone and own professional wisdom: your unique values and strengths, experience and knowledge
•    Navigate change and uncertainty with greater ease

Getting started with coaching...

  • 30 minute introductory coaching session (Complimentary)
  • 3 or 5  50-minute session packages (Zoom, Skype, Phone or in-person) generally scheduled over 8-12 weeks with 2 validated assessments and optional in-between session email check-in.
  • After your initial coaching experience,  30 and 60-minute check-in sessions are offered as needed.  

Convenient on-line scheduling with early morning, evening and weekend times available.