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“For all that has been, THANKS. For all that will be, YES”
Dag Hammarskjöld

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Rosemary Hanrahan (Edwards)

As a certified professional coach, author, nonprofit advocate, and physician with a Master of Public Health, Dr. Rosemary Hanrahan, brings her coaching to professionals and organizations in the healthcare, nonprofit and academic sectors. With over 25 years experience in medicine and 15 years experience working and volunteering with nonprofit organizations, Rosemary is uniquely positioned to help her clients. She believes that individuals and organizations who care for others provide an invaluable service to society, but are also at risk for compassion fatigue and professional burnout.

Rosemary encourages clients to define their mission, vision, strengths, values and goals. Throughout the coaching engagement, Rosemary draws on recent evidence-based studies by the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Medicine, the Harvard Institute of Coaching and the Greater Good Science Center at Berkley to help clients develop personal and professional strategies to remain engaged, passionate and productive in their chosen profession.

By promoting well-being and improving personal resiliency, clients are also able to positively impact on their work environment. Rosemary’s coaching style is active, thoughtful, compassionate and strategic.


  What is Well-Being?

Well-being is a measurable outcome, which includes physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual domains. Well-being is not simply the absence of disease but is a dynamic process of growth and change that allows us to live our days with joy, compassion and gratitude.

Each of us has within our power to achieve and maintain well-being. The realization of this power comes from self-awareness, informed physical care, and mindful and meaningful relationships with others, and our natural world. 

Achieving well-being is an ongoing process informed by small choices we can make each day despite our busy lives. The power to make these good small choices ultimately rests with the individual. At times, particularly when much of our time and energy is devoted to meeting the needs of others, we need encouragement and support in caring for ourselves.

Without a doubt, the pursuit of well-being has immediate positive rewards—increased energy, clearer thinking, deeper and more joyful relationships with others, and for volunteer and professional caregivers, an enhanced ability to care for those we care about and love.

Do you think you may be struggling with Compassion Fatigue?