Environmental Responsibility Statement

Caring for ourselves and others and the natural world go hand-in-hand. Beyond Words Wellness Resources is committed to maximizing impact on caregivers and minimizing impact on the environment by using ethically purchased and responsibly produced, high quality materials in our wellness products, our workshops, and in our day-to-day operations. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing consumption, by reuse and repurposing of materials and by recycling and composting waste. We encourage all individuals to actively and responsibly engage with our natural world as they strive to achieve and maintain wellness. 

Social Responsibility Statement

We believe that balanced wellness is possible for all caregivers and as a matter of social justice, wellness practices and resources must be available for all. Beyond Words Wellness Resources was conceived with this mission in mind, heart and action.

The individuals and nonprofit organizations we work with provide invaluable service to individuals and communities throughout the world. Their minds, hearts and hands care for others in need often at significant cost to their own well being. The toll on individuals, families, communities and societies is significant, under-recognized, and growing.

Based on a social enterprise business model, Beyond Words Wellness Resources was created to effect social change by encouraging and supporting volunteer and professional caregivers. Our bottom line is to maximize gains in social currency, rather than monetary profits, by innovative and creative partnering with others who share similar mission and vision.

Through individual, nonprofit and community engagements, we offer deep listening,  shared insights and wisdom, and individually tailored practical and meaningful wellness services and resources for those who care for others.

 Beyond Words Wellness Resources welcomes engagements with all individuals and nonprofit organizations regardless of ethnic, faith or lifestyle orientations.