Nonprofit Coaching & Consulting

Beyond Words Wellness Resources supports small nonprofit organizations so that the might realize their mission to serve vulnerable populations by:

  • Individual and team wellness and cross-cultural coaching for staff, leaders, volunteers and board members

  • Health and wellness consulting for grant proposal writing and program development

  • Workshops, and webinars


What is Coaching?

In coaching, we believe that each of us is inherently strong, capable and wise. 

With this belief in mind, the relationship between a coach and client is Co-Creative, meaning that both are equals and both have an active role. In general coaching is present and future-oriented and begins with positive aspects of a person’s life and moves into areas of desired change or vision. 

Core assumptions of the coaching relationship are that:

  • The relationship is intrinsically tied to growth

  • Being mindful is essential to growth

  • All people seek fulfillment

  • All people are inherently strong, capable and wise

A trained coach uses honed communication skills to support you as a “beyond words” partner, who is present and mindful during your time together.  At times, exercises or activities may be used to uncover core values and vision. Together coach and client create more power for you to effect meaningful change, move past challenges that stand in the way of your goals, and assist you in taking dynamic action steps to achieve your goals. 

A wellness coach works with individuals or groups who want to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their physical health and emotional and spiritual well-being. Clients may want to make better lifestyle choices to prevent disease or better manage a health condition they already have.

Team Coaching

In coaching, a team is defined as a group of individuals, each with their own unique blend of experience, background education and values, and who are aligned together with a common goal or outcome.  

While every team is unique and dynamic, team coaching follows the basic premises of individual coaching and also generally involves establishing alignment around common vision and goals, establishing open communication and a positive and trusting environment to address challenges and conflict.


For a complimentary wellness coaching session or to discuss the results of your Compassion Fatigue Assessment, and outline your next steps to achieve wellness, please schedule a 30 minute coaching session.